An Introduction to Mythodrama

Emotions Reduce Our Ability to Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts trigger Emotions. We want to get rid of any annoyance as soon as possible to be able to return to our normal life. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. The emotional involvement leads to a state of high tension. In this state, we are not able to see and apply the right coping strategies. Mythodrama is a method develeoped by Allan Guggenbühl, that enables people to find new ideas for a solution even in difficult situations.

What is Mythodrama?

With this particular method, one does initially not speak directly about the actual conflict issue. First, one works with a story that contains the key aspects of the conflict and its dynamics. This allows the participants to deal with the conflict open mindedly. Participants may deal with the story in a playful way or in specifically designed group exercises. The story will then be reinterpreted by the participants and new endings will be invented. Without realizing it, the participants develop solutions and responses to the conflict issue which can then be transferred to the actual problem and can be implemented in everyday life.

⇒ From Stories to Inspiration by Prof. Dr. Allan Guggenbühl

When to Use Mythodrama?

The Mythodrama is used for interventions in school classes, adult education and group therapy for children and young people (for example here). It has proven to be an effective way to develop – in a team or a class – new ideas of how a challenge, a problem or a crisis can be overcome.

A Typical Mythodrama Session:

  • Reception
  • Exercises and Games
  • Relaxation exercises with music
  • Story with subsequent Imagination phase
  • Coping with the story in the form of a drawing or a theater
  • Talk: Transfer to everyday situations
  • Develop a concrete change in relation to the conflict or the issue at hand

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